A Multi Media Community Album


Portraits from this project are really self portraits of all of us.  Soon, you will see individual paintings and videos unfold and tell the story of our community.  In a recent grant application, I was fortunate to receive support from my art community.  I could not have explained the project any better...

This is a unique and original synthesis of viewing the human landscape of Santa Barbara.  We get a glimpse of the human potential only hinted at by using one media.  This multi faceted approach to portraiture begins with an individual subject being a portal to not only their appearance, but to their history, their dreams and accomplishments and their relationship to the larger community that gives their life color, purpose and meaning.
Rick Stich

Thanks, Rick,  for finding those words.

Multi-Media Community Album

This project is a multimedia “family album” for the diverse community of the Central Coast of California.  A variety of local cultures, each represented by one of its members, is depicted in paintings that come to life with the support of video, social media and QR codes. In addition to the individual portraits, recorded interviews with the subjects allow them to tell the story, in their own words, of their culture and its place in our community. In turn, our community will have the opportunity to better understand the individual cultural influences that make up our collective sense of identity.