Our New Intern

Welcome Ann Tardiff

Ann Tardiff

Carsey Wolf Internship, UCSB

The Carsey-Wolf Internship Program is a competitive internship opportunity through UCSB.  We are excited to be working with Ann Tardiff this Spring and Summer season.

What Ann has to say...

I am a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am double majoring in English and Film & Media Studies. My studies focus on narratives and their relationship to storytelling. I decided to apply for the Carsey-Wolf internship to find an artistic outlet that has an underlying structure to it.
I was accepted into the Carsey-Wolf internship, which begins with interviews and eventually creates a well thought out pairing of a student to a project that focuses on their strengths while also contributing to their professional aspirations.
While working for Portraits of the Central Coast, I will produce thirty-minute episodes that share the narratives of unique individuals who contribute to our community in a plethora of different ways.